10 Common avoidable mistakes men do while having sex.

When it comes to what women want in bed, men tend to make serious avoidable mistakes like these. When it comes to the fundamentals, men tend to make some serious mistakes in the sack. Here are the 10 avoidable ones. 

#10. Checking the time/ mobile


It doesn’t matter how late you may be for dinner with your parents, a dentist appointment or your second date of the night. Glances at any clock, phone, cable box or sundial will be taken as an insult and an indication that you aren’t enjoying yourself. However, if you’re worried about missing Sunday Mass, and absolutely must check the time, watch-wearers can do it one-handed, behind her head. That’s class.

#9. Finishing too soon


Perhaps the most common trouble faced by men, premature ejaculation afflicts nearly every newbie and plenty of experienced dudes. Avoid going out on a date with a “loaded gun” to prevent sharing a nickname with Usain Bolt, “The Fastest Man on Earth.” If it’s too late for that, imagine your grandparents playing baseball. Naked. It will keep you from orgasm for hours on end.

#8. Finish too late


The only thing worse than climaxing too early is putting your date at risk of a perforated spleen by pounding her into oblivion. Once your partner has successfully reached the peak of arousal, finish up quickly and efficiently. If it’s just not gonna happen, best to get out as soon as possible so as not to end the night as a crumpled, tearful mess at the foot of her bed, sobbing over how much you miss your ex-girlfriend.

#7. Call her by another name


There is no greater offense than forgetting who you are in the process of penetrating. Punishable by a minimum sentence of two weeks abstinence, up to a maximum sentence of death, calling a woman by another name is an almost surefire way to ensure she will never want to see you again. Which, I guess, could be a good thing depending on the situation… In that case, before you attempt something this crazy, at least make sure the evening is coming to a close and all sharp objects are out of sight.

#6. Talking too much


A dirty phrase or two might kick things into high gear, but unless you’re with a Suicide Girl, Tiger Woods, or a repressed politician, an endless stream of filth will do nothing but kill the mood. Believe it or not, most women don’t aspire to star in their very own triple-X porn, so keep those words to yourself to prevent her from zoning out. Incidentally, the same goes for reciting from great works of literature, small talk, and Bible quotes.

#5. Moving Downtown straight away


No, ignoring her lips and heading down south is not erotic. It makes her feel like you’ve made hourly payments and have thus, decided to get to the point with minimal stoppages.

#4. Manhandling her breasts


Touch and caress all you want. But don’t squeeze her girls too hard. They’re breasts, not stress balls. Don’t bite her nipples. Don’t be like a dog that is teething and would chew on almost anything. Neither should you twindle them like you’re trying to fine tune a radio station.

#3. Thrusting like there’s no tomorrow


A lot of men start pumping like a machine the moment they enter a woman. Be a little gentler, a lot less mechanical. Hold on, do it way it is supposed to be.

#2. You let her do all the work when she’s on top.


Woman on top is a position of sexual power for females—but that doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with a dead fish.If you like the idea of her leading, you don’t have to thrust, but you should make some physical contact: Touch her breasts, caress her backside, or even just grab her butt.

#1. You gaze at her vagina.


Look, all those intricate folds are fascinating. But staring down her lady parts during oral doesn’t make her feel appreciated. It’s just kind of creepy. A little bit of looking and admiring is fine, But don’t fully focus on it. It’s okay to compliment her vagina, that’s an easy way to help her relax during oral, or even to say you love watching as you enter her. Just don’t gawk.

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